National Academy is an esteemed name amongst leading educational groups in India. Starting its journey in the year 2000, National Academy has today spread its wings and played a pioneering role in setting up premier institutes like National Academy of Event Management & Development (NAEMD), National Academy of Science & Creative Arts (NASCA), National Academy of Sports Management (NASM) and National Academy of Films, Media & Communication (NAFMC) with campuses spread across Mumbai, Delhi, Ahmedabad, Jaipur, and Dubai.


With an objective of offering world-class educational opportunities, the National Academy team has always strived to foster a unique learning environment for aspiring students thereby helping them develop and master the new-age and futuristic leadership skills.


Along with a strong emphasis on vocational skill development, the National Academy is now broadening its horizons in the school education sector by offering many innovative K-12 educational programs for the young minds of tomorrow through National Academy of Science & Creative Arts (NASCA) LLP .


Paving way for practical and activity-based learning, NASCA has been making every attempt to unleash a child’s imagination and contribute to his/her holistic development. Championing the concept of “Learning by Doing”, the group offers a comprehensive range of pedagogical approaches that integrate seamlessly with the school curriculum in the field of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Math). This helps in building an innovative problem solving aptitude in the youth of today and makes complex subjects like Mathematics and Science relevant and engaging.


At NASCA, we strongly believe that fostering creativity not only increases the child’s chances of becoming the next “Big Artist” but also helps in developing the mental, social, and emotional outlook of the child. Hence, disciplines like Drawing, Art, and Crafts form an important part of our educational program. These boost a child’s analytical skills and supplement toward building a creative bent of mind.


Music and dance are language independent and are known to stir a deep and soulful impact on our mental well-being. At NASCA, we encourage our students to cultivate unique ways to express themselves through the powerful mediums of song, dance, and music.

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